Why Facebook Groups for Creative Entrepreneurs and Bloggers are Important – and a Few You Should Join

Community among creative entrepreneurs and bloggers can be vital to one’s success and sanity.  Often embarking on starting your on business or website can be a bit lonely as most of us start out as solopreneurs.  Sometimes you need business advice, vent about a difficult client, fist bump about a recent win, or even just figure out how to word an email but it’s not like you have a partner to talk to it about with.  Even when you have an epic support system sometimes they just might not get the woes of running a blog or creative business.  Enter Facebook groups to save the day!

Why Facebook Groups for Creative Entrepreneurs and Bloggers are Important – and a Few You Should Join - Nakia Jones Creative BY NAKIA JONES

What I love about Facebook groups

Facebook groups are literally a game changer.  Whenever I have a business question, need advice, or just want to talk to my fellow entrepreneurs and bloggers Facebook groups are the first place I turn.  So many of them are filled with like-minded helpful people willing to answer questions and offer much needed support.


What keeps these groups awesome is that they are so positive.  The moderators do a great job of keeping haters and spammers away.  Another thing that separates these groups from many others is they are not filled with self-promotion.  That’s a big no-no in these groups.  It keeps things helpful and collaborative.

My Faves

I am a part of many groups but these really standout as the all-stars.  I definitely encourage you to join.  Most require signing up for their mailing list.

The Rising Tide Society

''The purpose of this group is to give all creatives a daily place to check in with their colleagues, participate in group discussion, ask questions, and seek positive support.'' - The Rising Tide Society

This group is comprised of some of the most helpful and genuine people I have encountered.  Majority of the group are photographers and wedding professionals but all sorts of entrepreneurs can find help here.  #communityovercompetition
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For Love + Money with Caitlin Bacher

"Not to brag, but this group is filled with the most amazing online biz owners + bloggers you will ever meet in your whole entire life." - Boss Lady Caitlin Bacher

Hosted by Caitlin Bacher this group has a lot of personality and honest opinions.  Majority of the group are people who sell physical products and bloggers.  I turn here when I need social media advice.
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Savvy Business Owners

"This community is hosted by Heather Crabtree and moderated by Heather and the Savvy Business Owner Ambassadors: DeNeitra Burnett, Ginny Krauss, Danielle Miller and Nevica Vasquez. We will be here to support, motivate and uplift you all."

This group is pretty huge and supportive.  There are daily prompts that keep the conversation rolling and.  Majority of the group are wedding professionals but there are also many bloggers and product based businesses.
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Blog + Biz BFFs

"The Blog + Biz BFFs Community -- a place for bloggers and online entrepreneurs to lend support, give feedback, and share advice."

Hosted by Melyssa Griffin of The Nectar Collective, this group is filled with bloggers and infopreneurs.  I turn here often as I feel I relate a lot to the rest of the group.
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Being Boss

"Being Boss is a closed Facebook group for all you bosses out there who are listening to our podcast and want to a place to connect with each other."

Hosted by Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson of the Being Boss podcast.  This group is one of the biggest I'm a part of.  I really enjoy this group because there are bloggers, business owners, artist, etc. from so many different industries and so many different niches.  I, also, love when people share their boss moments.
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Blogging Boost

"Connect with other bloggers, share your posts, and learn the ins and outs of working online! The group is open to anyone."

This is the biggest group I'm a part of.  I love this group because the people are helpful and usually respond to questions at lightning speed.
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Ladypreneur Community

"This group is organized by Jessica Rea, a designer + entrepreneur helping ladypreneurs build their brand + business online."

This group is comprised of some of the pretty awesome business owners and bloggers.  Everyone is so helpful and often time the host Jessica Rea will join in to help answer questions.
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Nakia Jones Creative BY NAKIA JONES

Are you currently active in any Facebook groups?  If so which ones?  What do you enjoy most about them?