Top Ten Tools To Help You Rock Instagram

Top Ten Tools To Help You Rock Instagram - Nakia Jones Creative by Nakia Jones

Instagram is one of the top social media platforms out right now and it is only growing.  This visual platform is one of my favorites as it really demonstrates a person or brands personality and creativity.  I use several apps and tools to help me optimize my Instagram.  From photo editing apps to management sites, this list of tools really help take Instagram to the next level.

Here are my top ten tools to help you rock your Instagram from photo editing to management:


Facetune is a very powerful photo editing app especially for pictures of faces.  It’s like Photoshop for your phone.  Some of the most popular Instagram accounts use this app.  With Facetune you can edit skin, hair, fix a pimple, and even whiten teeth.  This is the perfect app for even editing the smallest details.


Afterlight is very simple but very powerful.  There are over 70 filters that are highly customizable by playing with the level the filter is provided.  My favorite part of this app are the light leaks, they give the picture such a beautiful light and airy touch.


Created by the A Beautiful Mess team, this app is super fun and playful.  I use this for quick edits and to add cool cute effects.  I, also, like to use this when a picture doesn’t need to much work done but just to be brightened up a bit.


This is a very popular app.  They even have a large community of fans on Instagram, check out the #VSCO hashtag.  There are a plethora of filters and tools to help edit photos.  The options are literally limitless. 


Back in the day Instagram only allowed square photos and Instasize was the perfect app to be able to edit your picture to fit the Instagram size.  Now other sizes are allowed on Instagram but I still use Instasize because I like my photos to have a cohesive size and look. 


This app simplifies the reposting process.  Instead of screenshotting a picture and then cropping it, this app can do that for you while crediting the original.  Some people are against the Repost app because it leaves a bar at the bottom of the picture crediting the source, this can make the feed look a tad bit less pretty.  I think it is so important to credit the source by both tagging the picture and in the caption so the bar on the picture is fine by me.  I tend to avoid reposting pictures but when I do I use Repost.


Latergramme is a life saver.  I like to batch the creation my Instagram post a couple of days at a time and I save them with this app.  I put the time I want to post the picture, the caption, and the actual picture.  At the scheduled time, Latergramme prompts you to post it. This keeps me so organized and able to stay on track of my posts day at a time.


IF by If This Then That is a way to connect your accounts and automatically publish on other platforms when you post on Instagram.  With this I am able to post my Instagram pictures straight to my Facebook business page automatically.  This saves me so much time and keeps my Facebook updated even when I am not giving it as much attention as I should


Iconosquare is used to analyze the metrics behind your page.  With it you can see how many followers you’ve gained over the past week, overall post trends, growth history, best times to post, hashtag performance, and much more.  This is a great tool to truly analyze the success of your Instagram and how you can do better with metrics to support it.


This app is another great management app.  With it you can find inactive users and unfollowers.  The most unique feature is you can find relevant users to follow using their “Copy Followers” feature.  It is so helpful in finding your target market.

Instagram is one of the most powerful social media apps that really help find your ideal audience.  These tools really help make a feed much more cohesive and just pretty.  They don’t have to be used all at once but utilizing some can really make a difference.

Nakia Jones Creative by Nakia Jones

What are your favorite tools to help you manage your Instagram?