Weekly Wrap-Up: Happy Valentines Day

Weekly Wrap-Up: Happy Valentines Day - Nakia Jones Creative by Nakia Joens

This week has been an interesting week here over at Nakia Jones Creative.  I’ve made a conscious effort to be more consistent with blog posting.  This week alone I posted four post, not including this one.  Being more consistent has really made a difference.  I have made it a personal goal of mines to continue to consistently blog and share my tips.  At least 3 a week (that’s the goal)!

This week, I’ve read some pretty insightful articles and wanted to share some of my favorite from my favorite bloggers:

 Young college students or people interested in freelance have so many opportunities to start out including Upwork.  (Minimalista Media)

Booking out your schedule months in advance can really give a freelancer some stability but it’s not always as easy at seems but with the proper systems it can be done. (Nesha Designs)

Twitter is one of my favorite social media platforms.  Following so many people can clutter your feed, setting up lists can really keep your feed organized. (Chloe West)

Live broadcasting can be a big scare but Periscope is one of the rising platforms.  (Kayla Hollatz)

Being an introvert shouldn’t stop you from living a creative life full of purpose.  (Jen Carrington)

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!  I hope your day has been filled with love and happiness.  I know as business owners we can get so wrapped up in trying to be a #Girlboss but take this day, single or not, to really take care of yourself and have some chocolate.  Let’s start this new week with a bang.

Nakia Jones Creative by Nakia Jones

How was your week?  Any successes?  Favorite blog posts?